The Royal Lancers

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Royal Lancers

The Royal Lancers was forming around the year 1480 to be a group of knights who served in the Holy Roman Emperor's army. At the time, the Lancers were an elite military force in the German Empire. The group comprised the famous Knight Count Sigismund von Habsburg, himself a Knight of the Sword and accountable for the imperial army. The German Knight Count has been given the title'Knights' Count' since he managed to defend the Empire against the armies of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian.

The force, during its formation, gained fame and became known as the Habsburg Knights'. Many of the members of the unit fought for the Emperor for Several Years and joined up with warriors from Hungary and Austria.

Many consider that the Lancers were part of the Emperor's plan but there's also evidence that the Lancers were the major force during the battle of Bannockburn. This battle, which was fought in 1296, was in support of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian. It involved.

The Royal Lancers

Although they were defeated, the Lancers were not the only force that failed to prevent the victory of the Emperor. The King of Scots, Robert the Bruce, used the opportunity to grab the regency of Scotland and retake the Scottish throne. He was defeated and executed for his treachery.

The members of the Lancers were Allowed to remain under the regency of the Lady Isobel Gowdie in Scotland. Her counselor was impressed with the Lancers' wisdom that they named them the King's Trustees.

They had been unable to get the countries to get along, although the King's Trustees could negotiate peace between England and Scotland. The last King of Scotland was murdered and the power was transferred into his son, James V.'s hands

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the King's Trustees were Arranged to help the army that was English. They formed the largest single force in the English army, but they were only able to hold off the military for a short while before they were captured by the French.

The Royal Lancers

It was the Duke of Wellington and the army in the invasion of the Ottoman Empire. They were aided by some of the Lancers' descendants who went on to become leaders of the army. When the British army surrendered, the King's Trustees were left on their own and Scotland's people returned to take up arms once more.

It wasn't long before the Royal Lancers were forced to leave Scotland, having been pushed back from time to time by their enemies. Until they were allowed to return and form the British army once more, they remained for years.

Since the reign of Queen Victoria, the Lancers are the professional fighting force in the British military. They are a formation within the Household Cavalry.

When they do finally rejoin the scene, the Lancers are in the same service as the Queen's Bodyguards and the Royal Scots Greys. They also provide support services like intelligence, surveillance services, In addition to being regimental formations. Their contribution to the defence of the Queen and the Empire will stay unknown for a long time to come.