The Queens Royal Lancers

While the world is focused on ISIS and US intervention in the Middle East, those who supported the war on Iraq will be commemorating another war that they claimed was their own: The British Empire in WWI. The name of the army seems a little odd and seems to have no connection to the previous battles.

The war was not so much the war that was fought against Germany but it was rather the start of the Second World War that Abraham Lincoln fought against. It was the ill-fated "Queen's Lancers" and their "Legend of the Bear". The story goes that the Queen and her army were British as well.

In the war, the Queen didn't really take part in combat, it was more of a ceremonial role. She instead went around the army and was showered with awards and gifts for her high bravery.

The Queens Royal Lancers

She dressed in full uniform for the purpose of going through the lines as a "commander in chief" of the British Army. However, there was an extremely large number of women serving in the army at this time, and even though she wore the royal uniform to symbolize her position, many believed that she was just there to act as a representative for the men, even though she was on the front lines with them.

This led to the belief that she was somehow connected to the king. During one battle, a bullet got between her legs and she was thought to be killed.

As she was returned to England, the Queen's Lancers were put in a position where they could become a symbol for women in the army. They were given a new uniform and a new set of markings. They took this opportunity to give themselves a new name.

The new uniforms for the women's army meant that they had to wear male underwear to distinguish themselves from the other men. They did this by having shorter skirts that weren't too short. It was only when they reached the infantry that they got the traditional trousers.

These women of the Queen's Lancers were able to become popular due to their "poised bravery". They had to wear men's underwear, yet they were able to dress in style while being under fire. This lead to the nickname of "The King's Lancers".

The Queens Royal Lancers

Unfortunately, these women were also assigned to be men's servants, which included getting haircuts and massages. This made it harder for them to be able to dress in style and differentiate themselves from the men.

It was during this time period that a group of girls organized a club for the women in the Lancers, but they were not well-known at the time. After many years of making the rounds in the regiment, the club would soon be recognized and added to the story.

The girl's club became popular enough to become a topic for Hollywood and was given the name "The Women of The Lancers". However, this didn't stop the women from fighting and becoming a popular unit of the army.