The Army Of The Royal Lancers

The World War I period, one of the bloodiest periods in the history of warfare, saw many famous battles, among them the First Battle of Ypres, or the Battle of Passchendaele. This famous battle was fought in the Ardennes Forest near the Netherlands border. According to the great English poet and writer George MacDonald, who wrote a number of important poems that have survived the ages, the battle is still remembered as "our most splendid victory of the world".

The Army Of The Royal Lancers

Army from all over the world

The Army of the British Empire was drawn from many countries including Australia, Canada, India, China, Egypt, Kenya, Persia, Russia, South Africa, Scotland, and the United States. Most of these soldiers fought together under one command and were known as the Royal Lancers. These elite soldiers could climb ladders and operate the latest weapons.

A number of the men who fought under the command of the Royal Lancers wore a brown coat that had white sleeves. The King's black regalia, which included the Coats of Arms and the Sword, was also worn by many members of the Army. The distinctive red cross was also a part of this coat of arms.

The Lancers wore the distinctive yellow "haversack" that kept their provisions ready for war. This carried with it one hundred rounds of ammunition and two dozen grenades. This was a valuable weapon during the war, as their tactical value became well known during the First World War.

While the Lancers battled it out against the German Army, other members of the Army would be called upon to meet the threat of disease equipment. They wore medical scrubs, often known as the "Green Army," that helped them fight the disease. These were green, and their material was the same blue as the "green" soldier's coat. The Army's expertise in medical and epidemiological engineering was its greatest asset.

Uniform Introduction

This type of clothing is used in both active and inactive environments such as factories, stores, and army barracks. The uniform is created in a "mass production" environment to maximize efficiency. The uniforms are tested to work in extreme temperatures, environmental conditions, and different body types. This uniform was well known throughout the Army for its ability to tolerate wear and tear.

The Green Army Uniforms are also widely used in other organizations, such as the Army Nursing Corps, the Navy Seals, and the Special Forces. Even when not being used in combat, the uniforms are seen throughout the world. Even those who live in countries that do not require the military to have uniforms will often see Army Clothing.

The Army Of The Royal Lancers

Kings of England during the Middle Ages were not subject to taxes alone. Their lives were dominated by church leaders who controlled the aristocracy. These church leaders organized the military forces of the country, including the Royal Lancers.

Kings of England were never on their own, as the lords of England required the Kings to make up a third of the contingent of men that went into battle. At times, they would all be required to be present for any battle, and then they would be paid handsomely. The King of England was often paid a great deal for his services.

The Lancers wore traditional red coats. This was one of the reasons the men and women were so loyal to the King. It was a sign of their loyalty and their confidence in their King.

The Royal Lancers wore the red uniform that has been used ever since as the military-style dress in the USA. In fact, this uniform can be found on the modern-day personnel in the Military. We only know of this because they are using an ancient design.

In the First World War, the Royal Lancers did much more than wearing uniforms. They earned recognition and their own place in history. You can learn more about this by clicking the link below.